Monday 19th June 2023

02:00 PM

Managing FAIR Data in the Humanities: Approaches and Examples!

Alexandra Büttner & Peggy Große (UHD), Meriç Akdogan (SU)

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Scientific Software Center

The Scientific Software Center is an infrastructure unit of the university that provides various services that support the sustainable development of research software.

Scientific Software Center

Heidelberg Forum Digital Humanities

The Heidelberg Forum Digital Humanities is a virtual facility of the university. It serves as an association and representation of interests of the existing institutions and projects.The forum has a supportive character and provides assistance, especially in the basic work steps of prospective and ongoing DH projects.

Information portal

Comprehensive information on research data can be found on the information portal forschungsdaten.infoExterner Inhalt. Here you can find various articles on the different aspects of research data management. There are also best-practice examples, tutorials and links to further information and projects. The platform was developed from the bwFDM-Info project.


National Research Data Infrastructure NFDI

A variety of discipline-specific consortia support researchers in data management under the umbrella of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). Funded by the national and state governments, a distributed competence and infrastructure network is being established for this purpose.



Heidelberg University Library, as one of the providers of, is a project partner in NFDI4Culture, a consortium on tangible and intangible cultural assets. For more information, see our information page on NFDI4Culture.



bw2FDMThe state project bw2FDM is dedicated to address the need for information in the field of research data management. The project is based on the structures and achievements of the predecessor projects bwFDM-Info I and bwFDM-Info II.

The bw2FDM project is composed of different areas, including: Coordination of the cross-sectional topics of the Science Data Centers in Baden-Württemberg, further development of the information platform, consulting and training of research data management, as well as planning and implementing of the E-Science-Tage conference.

More information about the bw2FDM projectExterner Inhalt

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