Thursday 23rd March 2023

02:00 PM

Data Hour: eLabFTW - A free and flexible open source electronic lab notebook (ELN) [English]

Alexander Haller (Computing Center, Heidelberg University)

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Vom 1. bis 3. März 2023 finden unter dem Motto "Empower Your Research – Preserve Your Data" die E-Science-Tage in Heidelberg statt.



Project planning and funding application: Data management plans and expert advice
During your project: Data management
End of your project: Sharing, publication and cataloguing of data

Project planning and funding application: Data management plans and expert advice

In order to ensure a sustainable and re-usable archiving of your data you should develop a data management plan at an early stage of your research. For the development of a data management plan for your project we do offer you:

  • Technical advice:

    data acquisition, data storage (during and after your project), file formats, relevant metadata, metadata schemes and vocabularies, conversion,…
  • Organizational advice

    Reviewing of your data management plan, support with grant applications, policies and requirements of different funding organizations, questions on the publication of data, potentially relevant services at Heidelberg University or other institutions,…

For the creation of data management plans we recommend using either RDMO or DMPonline. This software allows a stepwise construction of data management plans specifically tailored for your project and the requirements of various research founders. Using RDMO and DMPonline is free of charge. Created plans can be exported in various file formats, e.g. for integrating them in project proposals.

During your project: Data management

  • heiBOXExterner Inhalt

    heiBOX is a data storage and sharing service provided by the University Computing Centre. It can be used to store research data in a central location at the Computing Centre, to synchronize the data with several devices like workstations, desktop computers and laptops, and to share the data with other users. Moreover, heiBOX offers an end-to-end encryption for sensible data.
  • heiCLOUD

    heiCLOUD is a infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providing virtual ressources in terms of servers, storage and networks. Users are able to administrate virtualized servers in a self-contained way. This offers a high flexibility comparable to usages of a local server in an institute. One possible usage scenario of heiCLOUD is an Hadoop-cluster enabling users to process data embarrassingly parallel. heiCLOUD is available to all employees of Heidelberg University as well as to all members of the DFN-Verein.
  • SDS@hdExterner Inhalt

    SDS@hd is a central service for secure storage of scientific data (Scientific Data Storage). The service is available to researchers of the Baden-Württemberg universities. The focus is on data that is frequently accessed ('hot data').
  • High Performance ComputingExterner Inhalt

    The University Computing Centre provides access to various computing clusters in Heidelberg and Baden-Württemberg for employees and students of the Heidelberg University. Furthermore, there are various offers to get information about the usage of computing clusters and to get assistance in case of problems or to optimize computing performance.
  • eLabFTWExterner Inhalt (pilot phase)

    eLabFTW is a generic, web-based electronic laboratory notebook. Primary audience are research groups and researchers who can use it to plan, monitor and document scientific experiments. eLabFTW provides among others the following features: Timestamping, versioning, tags, scheduling, API, and multiple export options. eLabFTW is open source software and is hosted at the University Computer Center. All data is transferred securely by eLabFTW and remains exclusively on university servers.
    The service is currently in pilot operation.

End of your project: Sharing, publication and cataloguing of data

  • heiDATAExterner Inhalt

    heiDATA is the university’s research data repository. All researchers affiliated with the university can use this service for publishing their data as Open Research Data. heiDATA offers the following features:
    • Data publication in accordance with the FAIR Data Principles.
    • Persistent and citable addressing of data via DOI’s
    • Individual authorization and license models for data access
    • Linking between research data and related publications
    • Archiving of various file formats
    • Flexible and configurable metadata schema with controlled vocabularies
    • Provision of metadata for external catalogues and databases
    • Based on the Open Source Software Dataverse (Harvard,
    • Indexing of all data sets and respective data citations in the Data Citation Index (part of Clarivate Analytics' Web of Science) and Google Dataset Search as well as in further national and international databases

    If you are interested in using heiDATA, please see our author instructions.

  • heidICONExterner Inhalt

    heidICON is the image and multimedia archive of Heidelberg University and especially suited for requirements of the corresponding file formats.
  • Research Data Catalogue for Heidelberg UniversityExterner Inhalt

    In the comprehensive Research Data Catalogue of Heidelberg University we register published research data independently of whether they are available from our services or from external repositories. The Research Data Catalogue is part of heiBIB, the main index of publications Heidelberg University.
  • ARCHIVE - your data preserved!Externer Inhalt

    The URZ provides a service for the reliable archiving of data, including on a larger scale and for a longer period of time. Data can be stored there for archiving purposes in the sense of bitstream preservation using the IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP) software.
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