Thursday 23rd March 2023

02:00 PM

Data Hour: eLabFTW - A free and flexible open source electronic lab notebook (ELN) [English]

Alexander Haller (Computing Center, Heidelberg University)

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From 1 to 3 March 2023, the E-Science-Tage will be held in Heidelberg with the theme "Empower Your Research - Preserve Your Data".


Submission of research data to heiDATA

Do you want to archive your data permanently and publish it open access via heiDATA or do you want to deposit research data pertaining to a publication?

Guidelines for publishing research data in heiDATA

  1. Please contact us and give us some initial information about your data, especially about file formats and file sizes. Consider the future accessibility of your research data (open or partially / temporarily restricted access, initially only password-based access for journal reviewers) and appropriate licenses - we can help you finding an optimal solution for your needs.
  2. Send us your data as well as documentation or README files where appropriate.
    • Small data sets can be send as email attachments. For submission of large data volumes the GigaMove service can be used. Alternatively, you can hand in the data by yourself or we can come to you.
  3. We send you a link for capturing the describing metadata for your dataset.
    • If you use heiDATA for the first time you have to register as an user:
      • Members of the university, who have an UniID, can use this ID to log in via the option “Your institution” at heiDATA’s Log In page. Your account will automatically registered by the system.
      • Users without a UniID have to register via the Sign Up page.
    • After registration we activate your account and you can log in in order to enter metadata information.
  4. We check your data and, if necessary, we carry out format conversions with regard to the long-term preservation of the data. We upload the data into heiDATA and prepare the publication.
  5. The person responsible for the data publication gets a prefilled author contract he/she has to sign and we release the data.

Detailed information about the functionalities of our repository can be found in the Dataverse User Guide. Dataverse is the software we use for heiDATA.

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